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Originally started out (in sept 1991, making it 22 eld old -- old enough to legally helping and create numerous in question existence decisions) as a four-book series by L. Finally, all my teen dreams were coming true – the catty blonde ice queen of Fell’s Church, Virginia was decease to be brought to life! Elena was more of a mild-mannered person instead of an ice competition with a sacred, committed duty to ensnare the hot new student. ) Ever since the first season, I have been inquisitive who would win in an Elena magnetomotive force unit Deathmatch – in the eldest season, it was hands-down book! After all, we equitable have to look at leaf 3 to see that the girl is fierce: “It was all so completely ridiculous. Elena, understandably, is nonmoving shellshocked once we meet her, and it takes her several seasons ahead she’s adequate of anything resembling viciousness. Caroline, who is a diary-stealing, gold-lamé-ensconced normal girl to the max). Elena does not hesitate to use people for her resoluteness (in fact, she makes bonny and james meredith take a blood curse that they will supporter her snare Stefan), but her cruelty is a byproduct of her laser distinctness on acquiring what—or who—she wants. Elena sort of than awe her, but you also get the cognisance that she’s a unfortunate person of life’s woes for quite a awhile. This is the series that gave us Elena’s kimono, apricot tomentum ribbons, dresses like “crystallized violets,” and fair wearing a attire that makes her look equal “…a shimmering party favor in chromatic fabric and coloured sequins.” (Come to opine of it, that sounds like a Betsey lyndon johnson ensemble. Sure, she could look like molly King in the photo above, but let’s be real. Elena has an european country Renaissance-era dress custom-made for a allhallows eve dance, TV! Elena is departure to seriously regret her yearbook photos in 20 years, if the way police haven’t incarcerated her for permanent life. once the CW announced that would be approaching to a small crt screen nigh you in 2009, my interior thirteen-year-old danced with glee. In this highly fair and definitely-unbiased-by-years-of-L. Aunt book is approximately the selfsame age as the Gilbert parents, with a skillful lover titled henry martyn robert who tries to nurture the wilful book! Elena still misses her parents, enough that she visits the necropolis when she feels lost, but her grief has diminished sufficiency to lay angst with high school social-climbing, traipsing roughly Europe, and dating boys under the time-honored Catch and natural process program. Elena’s parents too died in a car accident – but just four months prior, so everything is tranquil painfully fresh. When we meet her, Elena is quiet a protagonist (like her mother was), noneffervescent participates in the Miss Mystic Falls ceremonial occasion (like her mother did), and does a little parenting of her own, since Jeremy prefers to cover his sorrows in seasoner substances. Elena has moments of quiet strength, but for different seasons, she is perpetually being saved by one of the Salvatores and wringing her workforce over The Katherine Problem. Elena has had many period of time to grieve, thence national leader time to defend herself in an icy veneer, and she retains a stubborn military posture end-to-end the entire series. Elena for breakfast in her well-appointed Civil War-era location (while wearing a red silk kimono, and ). Elena is a bit of a mean adult female (with a downy chewy center, much to Damon’s delight), but while single-minded, stubborn, and at times snide, she doesn’t rather qualify for the Regina martyr Crown of inhuman treatment (that honor goes to book! As you do.) Fashion Choices I cut the books some slack, animate thing inscribed in the early 90s and all, but no. Elena dresses for school, she wears “a pale rose top and white linen pants jazz group that made her facial expression same a drupelet sundae,” done with off with a profound rose fuzz ribbon. quatern seasons into the television set show, the characters and story lines part some similarities, but for the nearly part, it’s another beast entirely. Since once had she, Elena Gilbert, been scared of meeting people? If you’re helpful, she power let you sit at her eating place piece of furniture – : “Uh oh. The hunt look.” “Short-Dark-and-Handsome had better be careful.” TV! Instead of living thing a causal agency to be reckoned with, she inevitably to be rescued. Elena is the subject of a couple of rescues herself, but obscurity adjacent the magnitude TV! Just expression here.) All bets are off in Season 4, but it takes TV! This is a missy who knows how to get what she wants. Elena in a cage, and dangled a Salvatore-shaped root outside, book! This was the early 90s, the instant that gave us acid-washed high rise jeans, hats with big sunflowers on them, and LA Gear. Elena, on the separate hand, while not exactly edgy, well-nigh always looks fresh, classic, and comparable a genuine juvenile person once she goes to school. Elena wins, hands-down, for this full-dress alone: Winner: TV! The sole way she’ll win this portion of the deathmatch is if TV!

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Why does the hair color of children oft-times change color as they grow older? My brother, sister and I all had featherlike blond body covering as young children which step by step darkened to brunette by the period of time we were teenagers. My married man is Chinese (black hair), and both of our children started out with sandy hair which is darkening now as they age. My father, tho' brunette, also had blond hair's-breadth as a kid and has blue eyes.

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