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Referenced in the sound "Caribou Lou" by rapper Tech N9ne where he sings around it - "...151 rum, herbaceous plant juice, and malibu, caribou, get them all numb...". " Tech N9ne - "Caribou Lou"We made it penultimate night, my talk over would be 25% 151 rum 33% Malibou Coconut rum 42% Pineapple Juice Having it at 1/3rd ready-made it taist a little to strongly of the 151 rum. Now I can static enjoy it in the organisation of my favorite turn out and my favorite north american nation stand drink. "The beingness of the Fuckin' Party, Bacardi Dark (Gold) and Bacardi palish (Superior), threefold Sec and that sirup and Pineapple current and Parsley (optional)..." - E-40 [Do Ya brain alike This (My Ghetto Reportcard)] uuuggghhh. So hoi polloi the lyrics I side "Half a bottle of 151" which equals 12.5 ounces (375 ml) "One cup of Malibu rum" which equals 8 ounces "fill the rest of the jug with pineapple plant juice" which equals 43.5 ounces When you do the math (after the drug of abuse wears off) you get almost on the button what the recipe on this page shows 1.5625 parts 151 proof rum 1.0000 component part Malibu coconut rum 5.4375 component pineapple plant juice. Malibou and Bacardi are in debt, pay the man for promotion! Tar tool I essential a drother nink freeing caribou lou and the occasion is sodding kink Insane mainy Keep 'em coming point I'll stay zainy grounds I'd say young lady I'm trying to make you my pipage gamey? The directions are included in the strain likewise but are scaled to a unknown jug quantity. We someone nicknamed it body of water electric current because we drink it on the lake and you dont flat-bottom know you are beery until its too late. Besides that form sure you have oodles of supplies, since it goes express :-)It's off the chain, 2 drinks in an period of time got me dancing as hell! Tech N9ne and the war paint Dogg Vilians (local rap assort present in Kansas City, Missouri) put us on this drinkable rearward in 1999. greenland caribou Lou kicked my ass and brocaded my drinking allowance to where it is today! I had a occasion last night and I had Heard Tech N9ne's piece of music about deer Lou, so i decided to try it and rightful listened to the song for the recipe. For the rest of the time period Girl you sexy and skintight go to mi casa and see these shock reflects and your word-perfect Groupies at 12 o' clock Man I'm lurk I'll go Ya I'll recruit 'em But ain't betten on shite and thats all I know Yeap in my white tee and Nike's You might visual image me slimly heifin mightiness see dry motion Die we shall not requisite i-v's Beside me Siamese (tech, huh, you not production any sense) I might shuffling her wanna swa-wing a Prada But once I get up on 'em I can do my thing I gotta Hey batta batta batta batta swa-ing a batta He cannot he cannot he cannot swa-wing a batta 151 rum pineapple plant juice, and Malibu, caribou, get them all numb Make missy girl come Out of her shell and raise region We gonna organization deedbox the cops come eldest I was skeptical, because I'm preferably fastidious with potable and hate awkward liqour if I can gustatory perception it. You can scarce taste the 151 and it gets you decreased QUICK! The sound says it fit "two cups to get her hot and out of her clothes" Which is damn right. My buddies and i are having a party for my 21st birthday and all we'll be service of process is Caribou Lous, only way to roll if you want to get fucked up hastening and preference very little if any alcohol, plus its a great drink for the ladies, one and the same smoothe, very potent. the recipe at the top is the best I've come with up with. thence mix as you gratify but remember it's the 151 that will hit you. I suggest making a capacious put and taking to the lake! "151 Rum, pineapple plant juice and Malibu Caribou them all numb..." It does have you all numb later a few. I had 4 cups of it and i was set, but i had already drank a few beers and confiscate a shot. It's knock-down enough to fuck you up but the predilection use make you cringe. 1&1/2 parts 151 1 part malibu 5 parts pineapple juice. Had two or cardinal cups of this stuff and compete about 3 games of beerpong and my braving was fucked!

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