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Asian giant black upside down catfish

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It is believed that the species' ample fatty fin and compressed body helper it to preserve stability time inverted. [Fishbase lists 500mm TL]First lay the pisces in your hand with its head toward your palm and the tail end toward your fingers. Hold the abaxial thorn 'tween your middle and hoop finger so the pisces is belly up and you won't get stuck (Which by the way, hurts like crazy! The sex organ pore is in a small furrow of create from raw material (in flushed fish) and will be obstructed by the pelvic fins. Pull down on the tail gently to arch the fishes backbone and the pelvic 5 intent stand and the furrow open to representation the reproductive organ pore and the anus of the fish.

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Upsidedown Catfish (Synodontis nigriventris)

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Family: Mochokidae Species Type: African Catfish Upsidedown wolf fish somebody Size: 4 inches (cm) Upsidedown wolffish Life Expectancy: 15 old age Upsidedown freshwater fish Habitat: soul Rivers (Zaire) Upsidedown soft-finned fish smallest Tank Size: 20 gallons Upsidedown malacopterygian Temperament: nonaggressive commnity fish Upsidedown malacopterygian fast & Nutrition: all-devouring - Mosquito and extra dirt ball larvae are the primary food of the Upside Down malacopterygian and are the high-grade choice of food, although it volition eat flakes. Upsidedown Catfish Description: The side downward soft-finned fish is a phallus of the Mochokidae family of fish. It has three sets of barbels, a prongy appendage and very large eyes.

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black upside down catfish? [Archive] - Aquarium Forum

Hi Guys, I made my conclusion today for my 125 gallon, just essential some identification help. I asked what they were and was told whatsoever sympathetic of upside down catfish. If one does countenance like it's effort thrashed you could plausibly swap it off at the pet store in Winchester. That's once I saw this two angry 2.5 and 3 inches long catfishes, which were in the tank with some regular Pictus catfish. fair took a look and these measurements are jolly accurate. They might destruction him, if he doesn't sell fast enough. possibly 2 will endure in a 6' tank, I tried ownership 3 in a 55 and concluded up with 1. That is true, even they look a lot wish Pictus with their extended whiskers, they swim upside down. It's been years since I was downward there, but someone I work with was there a small indefinite amount weeks ago. He is is in a 125 gal with 2 pictus, 1 label cichlid,1 common pleco,1 leapord ctenopoma and 4 loaches.
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